Butte man facing felony theft charge in Sidney

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Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 8:00 pm

Because he apparently felt no one was using it, a Butte man is facing felony theft charges in District Court for allegedly stealing a camper trailer in Sidney. 

Nicholas James Dolson was stopped by a deputy in Jefferson County Aug. 22 originally for pulling a camper without eluminating tail lights.

When the deputy stopped Dolson, the driver said he didn’t have registration for the camper trailer because he just purchased it the day before in North Dakota where he worked and he needed to drive home to Butte.

According to court records, Dolson said he was staying in the camper for a month and decided to buy it so he could “haul a bunch of stuff including his ATV home,” documents reported.

Dolson kept giving the name of a man he purchased the trailer from, but when pressed by the officer about who owned the camper, Dolson finally replied, “I don’t know.”

He said he just needed some way to get his stuff home. He saw the camper sitting off a main street in Sidney for more than a month. Dolson drove up to the camper, hooked it up and drove off with it.

Sidney Police Department contacted the owner of the camper to determine the camper was missing. The 2001 20-foot camper trailer is valued at $4,000.