While the town of Fairview faces several million dollars worth of upgrades to its roads and infrastructure, at least there’s a little relief in sight thanks to the county.

In the last three and a half years, Fairview authorities have spent a reported $722,000 on equipment and buildings, including park bathrooms ($42,000) and a $182,000 garbage truck, which consequently doesn’t fit the public works shop building. So city officials approached county commissioners last week to request $95,234 for a new building.

Additionally, the town may be approaching the county later for additional assistance to purchase a pickup for the police department, expand the fire hall, as well as funds to expand the sewer lagoon and water systems. “We may be able to obtain some grants for that,” Mayor Bryan Cummins said.

And then there are the roads to consider, which authorities estimate will cost $2.5 million to repair streets on the east side of the town; close to $8 million to cover the entire town.

“If the developers want to hook on to the sewer or something like that, you know, we’re going to try and put as much cost as we can, but we’re not that deep into it yet,” Councilman Dan Cayko said. Developers know they’ll have to assist with the infrastructure to help defray costs paid by the town.

For now, town officials just need money for a new shop facility. “Well, we’re going to be taking a look at what the state does to us this year, and by the sound of it we’ve got quite a few legislators looking at taking part of the county’s money and dividing it up between the cities,” Commissioner Don Steppler said, “so we’ll see where we’re at with all of this.”

Because commissioners Shane Gorder and Loren Young were out of town for most of the week, Steppler said the trio would look at the building this week and make a decision.

“I think it’s going to be fair to say we can come up with something to help you.”