Lambert High School freshman Wyatt Cayer won first place in computer modeling — 3D design at this year’s national BPA competition.

Cayer’s parents watched the awards presentation through a web server on He has a video of his parents watching him accept the national title.

“My dad slapped his knee and said, ‘Boy, I’m proud of him,’ and my mom was like, ‘No way!’ ” Cayer said. His parents then called up relatives, including grandparents, aunts and uncles. “Everyone, they were all watching.”

The national BPA competition was held in Indianapolis, Ind., Tuesday through Friday with over 5,000 nationwide students in attendance. Lambert High School sent three students, and Sidney High School sent around 30 students.

Cayer has studied and worked with computer modeling for about two years. His computer modeling process includes taking “a whole lot” of 2D shapes to create 3D models to make “something like Transformers or a fake moon.” Google Earth is another example of 3D computer modeling.

“I’m best at making it for mechanical purposes or special effects, for video or media production,” Cayer said.

For the computer modeling — 3D design category competition, Cayer had to present his design concepts for a futuristic Indy 500 car. Cayer estimated 69 students competed in computer modeling at the national BPA competition. Everyone had the same project prompt for fair judgement.

Right after Cayer’s presention, one of the judges approached him and handed him a card. The judge told Cayer that he had never done that before, but if he ever had questions about computer modeling to call and ask. The judge added Cayer was “light-years ahead” of where he was expected to be.

As a freshman, college decisions aren’t in Cayer’s immediate future, but he has passion for music and music videos and would consider Oklahoma Tech University for its computer program. He enjoys producing music videos of all genres but considers electro, house (electronic dance) and dubstep his specialties.

During his week in Indianapolis, Cayer spent his time outside of the competition hanging out with fellows students, including Sidney students and new friends from other states.

“I met quite a few people in computer modeling, and we talked quite a bit,” Cayer said.

For some fun on the side, other computer modeling competitors and Cayer kept things friendly, challenging each other in mini computer modeling contests like making a tree or a mountain.

Cayer’s initial feelings about winning was disbelief.

“My feeling was no way, I can’t believe I actually did this because I felt like my project wasn’t good enough,” Cayer said.

Cayer also won first in state and regional BPA competitions for computer modeling. For his first place win at nationals, he received a medal and a plaque.

“I’d like to thank all my friends and my family for encouraging me and Mrs. (Becky) Carda, my advisor, for keeping everything in line and making sure I was where I need to be,” Cayer said.