Why Congress is the “worst ever” with only a 10 percent approval rating. For the last two years, they are only working to make President Obama a one-term president.

So what have Republican House and Senate not done?

Republican Senate blocked the Veterans Jobs Corps Act. A bipartisan bill, even the Republicans that helped write the bill, voted no! This bill was paid for! Two hundred thousand brave men and women won’t be getting a job! And we’ll have more homeless vets on the street. If Dennis Rehberg were in the Senate, he would have voted no! Afterall, he voted to cut $13 billion from veterans’ health care, yet he voted for the wars?

The Farm Bill: Republicans walked out the door Sept. 21, convened the earliest in history for Congress, to go home to campaign for their re-election and won’t be back for over a month. So they don’t care about the hardships of the farmer. What do the Republicans want out of the farm bill? To cut $16 billion reduction from food stamps, the largest cut in a generation. This is Republican congress and Paul Ryan’s budget plan! Who gets food stamps? Poor seniors, unemployed people, people who can’t fine jobs or can no longer get unemployment, the working poor!  

Single mothers who work, only make 77 cents on the dollar on average, compared to men, African American women, 70 cents, Latina women 58 cents, compared to men.  Disabled people and veterans without jobs.

The Tea Party Republican congress needs to cut the budget in order to give tax cuts for the 1 percent, and the rich who fund theircampaigns. Dennis Rehberg, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan are rich! They don’t care about the poor! Don’t care about our veterans or our farmers.

Jon Tester and Max Baucus both voted yes for our vets.

I watch C-Span so I vote smart.