To the voters in Senate District 18:

I’m writing this letter on behalf of Sen. John Brenden, who is running for re-election to the Montana Senate. I support John, and I hope you will too. 

During my time in the Montana House, John has been a mentor to me, and it has been my pleasure to work with him. John supports resource development in our area. He also is a champion for our schools and local governments being impacted by oil development. 

John was one of only three Senate Republicans to break from his party and vote against taking oil impact funds away from our local schools and giving that money to western Montana. John is a true eastern Montanan, and I’m proud  to support him.  

John is being challenged by Julie French, who served two sessions in the Montana House from 2007 to 2009. I believe a candidate’s voting record speaks for itself and is fair game in elections. And in her time in the Montana House, Julie cast many votes that I don’t think reflect northeast Montana values.  

You may remember the Helena school district implementing a controversial sex education program a few years ago. This program was very comprehensive and graphic, teaching kindergarteners explicit human anatomy, first- and second-graders about homosexuality and gay marriage, and fifth-graders sexual positions. Regardless of where you stand on these issues, the real issue here is the school district taking away from parents the right to decide when and how their children learn about these sensitive issues.  

In the 2009 Legislature, Julie French’s party introduced House Bill 596. This bill would have authorized the Montana Office of Public Instruction to force all school public schools in Montana to implement this radical sex education curriculum. Thankfully, this bill died in committee. However, French voted to reverse the committee’s decision and bring this bill onto the House floor for a vote.

As a parent with a kindergartener in public school, I am appalled by the thought of my daughter learning about these graphic, sensitive issues at her age. I am also appalled by the nerve of politicians like Julie French siding with radicals who want to remove parents’ rights to make these decisions in favor of the Montana education bureaucracy.   

This is just one of Julie French’s poor votes during her time in the Montana House. I encourage all voters to go the Montana Legislature website and look at her voting record. You’ll discover what I did.  During her time in Helena, Julie French may have talked like an eastern Montanan, but she voted like a Helena bureaucrat.