Computer savy student helping his school

Steve Hamel

In assisting Savage School with its technical needs, senior Enrique Hafemann discovered a potential career.

Prior to this year, Hafemann was not sure what he wanted to do after he graduated, but he didn’t think he wanted to go to college. A visit to Miles Community College helped change his mind when he realized he could turn his interest in computers into a career.

“Being able to work with computers and seeing that as a possibility, I just decided that’s what I wanted to do,” Hafemann said.

Hafemann first took an interest in computers when he began high school. Not being much of a sports person, computers seemed better suited to his abilities. “With a computer, everyone’s kind of equal,” he said. “Anyone can do anything if you know how to.”

Toward the end of last school year, then senior Colin Basta passed the reins to the school’s web site ( to Hafemann, who is now responsible for managing the site. His duties include updating the daily bulletin and importing the lunch menu, calendar and current sporting events.

Last month, Hafemann added a widget to the home page that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the school’s graduation ceremony. He also puts up a “Random Fact of the Day,” which includes nuggets of wisdom he finds online, like the fact that the head’s side of a penny is slightly heavier than the tail’s side.

Hafemann’s latest project with the web site involves creating a page for every Savage High School graduating class going back to the school’s founding. He wants each class to have a page displaying photographs of all the graduates.

In addition to managing the school web site, Hafemann is also Savage’s head computer tech. “We just go around and fix the problems that teachers might have with their computers,” he said. His other responsibilities include installing new software on school computers and identifying which older computers need to be replaced.

Outside of school, Hafemann enjoys tinkering with computers. “I have a couple at my house that I take apart and put back together in different ways,” he said.

He intends to enroll at Miles Community College next year and hopes to earn an associate’s degree in computer networking and repair. He would also like to get an associate’s degree in web site design.

Hafemann’s other interests include mechanics and robotics. He drives a 1983 Chevrolet pickup that he intends to put a transmission in soon, and he is taking a robotics class with fellow classmates Eric Pust and Lawrence Hergenrider. The three of them are building a robot that will be entered in a statewide competition in Bozeman in February. The robot is controlled by a Bluetooth joystick and must be able to accomplish tasks that include tipping over and picking up crates and pushing a six-pound bowling ball up an incline.

“If we pass the state then we go to nationals and then the world competition for robots, so we’re excited about that,” he said.

Toward the end of the school year, he will train someone to take over his role managing the school web site.

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