Fairview Police Department, local EMTs and McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department responded to a medical call on July 21 at 35th Street NW in East Fairview, North Dakota. Upon arrival to the scene, a deceased male was found inside the residence. His name has not yet been released and information on the case is currently limited, including the cause of death.

“That I will not be able to release due to how graphic the scene was,” said Detective Sgt. Ed Martinez of the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department. “We did find the deceased inside the residence. It’s still under investigation. We do not know a cause of death at this time. That will come with the medical examiner’s report.”

Martinez was unsure how long that medical examiner’s report will take, as North Dakota only has two examiners in the whole state. The one in Bismarck is only part-time.

Details on the initial call to police are currently being kept out of the public as well.

“That I’m not going to release at this time due to not knowing the cause of death,” Martinez said. “Anyone involved in the initial call could still be considered a suspect.”

Once more information on the cause of death is determined, the sheriff’s department will release another press release.

“Due to the circumstances, there are a lot of uncertainties on the matter and I don’t want to give out too much information,” Martinez said.

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