There’s a new shop on Central Avenue and anyone who is looking for affordable jewelry options as well as home accessories and lingerie should stop in. The shop’s name is Ditzy Duo, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the two owners — Darlene Purkiss and Sherry McCullah Mattson.

While the two ladies are not native to Sidney, they have grown to love the area and now consider many of those they know as family. The story of how they arrived here is a familiar one.

Darlene, better known as Dee to friends and family, moved to Sidney from Idaho about four years ago after her husband relocated to the area for work a couple of years prior. The two commuted between the two states for the first year of two.

“After a while it got really old,” said Dee. “I said, ‘That’s it. We put our house up for rent there and I moved.”

Sherry has only been here about a year and a half. “My husband got a job with her husband and was actually living with her and her husband until he could find a house. When he found a house, he came and picked me up and here I am,” said Sherry.

Prior to her venture into owning a business, Dee had managed convenience stores and truck stops for years. “I hated leaving my job in Idaho but I needed to be with my husband.”

She found a job here but soon decided she needed a change. Dee then took a part time job at the airport, which she loved.

Then in July 2019 tragedy struck when she and her husband lost their only son. The loss was devastating to the couple and Dee took a month off to try to come to terms with the loss of her son. She returned to work but found that she was still not ready to be in public and left the job she loved.

A few months later a friend said, “Dee, you’re not doing anything. I’m an independent consultant with Paparazzi, why don’t you try it?”

“I didn’t really know what it was about but I knew the signup fee was reasonable so I did it,” said Dee. “It has been a lifesaver, mentally, for me.”

Being an independent consultant allowed her to have a focus without being in the public full time. She sold jewelry out of her home and also did a few vendor events.

About this time, Sherry had moved to Sidney and became an independent consultant as well. “We were both slinging jewelry out of our houses and sometimes together,” said Dee.

The two considered purchasing a vendor trailer that came up for sale but that plan fell through.

Dee then started to help groom dogs a couple of days a week for Klipper Kuts Pet Grooming & Barber Shop. Marcie moved the shop to Glendive and the two ladies decided to move their jewelry business out of their homes and more assessable to the public.

The original plan was for jewelry only but Dee felt they needed to expand beyond jewelry.

“I had so many women tell me they love pajamas and lingerie, so we brought it in,” said Dee.

Sherry makes homemade candles, so they added that to the inventory as well. They added backpacks and other clothing items, home accessories and also decals.

“We do a little bit of this and that,” said Sherry.

The two ladies are still exploring all of the possibilities for the shop and will soon add intimate women’s accessories, which will not be “on display.”

The business, located at 215 S. Central Ave. is now open Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 p.m. but those hours could change depending on customer flow. Check them out and like them on Facebook at to keep up with current hours and offerings.

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