Family Dollar store

The Family Dollar will be opening near the end of January 2020 at the corner of 4th and Holly in Sidney.

A Family Dollar store is coming to Sidney. It is currently being built in Sunrise Village behind Tractor Supply at the corner of Fourth and Holly Street. It is tentatively scheduled to open by the end of January 2020.

“We had the worst weather this year,” director of sales Susie Cavanaugh said. “These guys have worked like crazy and have done a great job. We’re rocking here, finally.”

While the store will be called Family Dollar, that doesn’t mean everything will cost $1.

“This store has a wide variety. There will be some $1 items, but everything is discounted,” she said. “It’s like a small Walmart or Target. I don’t know if they’re going to have clothes or not. They have some food; they have some cleaning items; they’re going to have a little bit of everything at this store.”

For the city of Sidney, Cavanaugh feels this store was necessary after the closing of Shopko.

“It’s needed in this city, especially since Shopko went out of business,” she said. “This is really needed with things that are reasonable priced. When Shopko went away, people would have to go to Williston, so everybody is so excited that there’s going to be this type of place here.”

For the people in Sidney still disappointed about Shopko, Cavanaugh believes this will provide a perfect replacement.

“This is going to fill a huge void that it is in town right now,” she said. “It’s going to help, it’s great that it’s on this end of town and ultimately, it’s just going to compliment the other stores that are already here.”

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