In just eight months, Lisa Harrel has gone from stay-at-home cookie-baking mom to food trailer and now to store owner as she opened her retail store for Big Sky Cookie Co. on Central Avenue next to the Centre Theatre.

Part of that success can be attributed to Lisa’s Type A personality, which was discussed in an article in April.

For those who may not remember that story, some of the words that describe a Type A person include outgoing, ambitious, organized and proactive. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics.”

This means Lisa didn’t just bake cookies. She baked awesome cookies painstakingly iced with detailed decorations.

Lisa sought advice from a friend who was also a cookie baker and started working on a recipe that would be her trademark cookie.

Once she was satisfied with her cookie recipe, which is similar to a shortbread cookie flavored with almond extract, and her decorating technique, Lisa then decided to start selling her cookies. Thus, Big Sky Cookie Co. was born.

While it may seem like everyone loves her cookies, well, not everyone does, Lisa admits. “My husband and my kids don’t like the cookies.”

According to Lisa, a batch of custom cookies takes about a day and a half to complete.

Business was so good Lisa then purchased a small horse trailer and with the help of her family, converted it into a Big Sky Cookie Co. trailer she could use for festivals and other events.

It wasn’t long before she latched onto the idea of opening her own cookie shop and has now made that dream a reality.

Lisa has branched out a little from her signature sugar cookie recipe with giant gourmet stuffed cookies and says she will probably introduce muffins sometime in the near future.

When asked what her store hours will be, Lisa laughed and said, “The hours aren’t set. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

Keep a lookout on the Big Sky Cookie Co. Facebook page for the hours as well as any additions she makes to her offerings.

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