Every year, about 300 children ages 17 and under gain access to a gun and unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else, and nearly 500 more die by suicide with a gun. 

These deaths may be preventable through responsible gun storage. As parents and caretakers, we have the opportunity to be smart and keep our kids safe by introducing these five steps:

S- Secure guns in homes and vehicles.

M- Model responsible behavior.

A- Ask about unsecured guns in other homes.

R- Recognize the risks of teen suicide.

T- Tell your peers to be SMART.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America initiated after the devastating Sandy Hook shooting. This incident sparked passionate mother, Shannon Watts, to start a Facebook page to address gun violence prevention. This Facebook page tremendously grew with a 4 million member following. Moms Demand Action created the educational piece of the BE SMART program to prevent unintentional shootings and fatal usage of firearms. 

The BE SMART program reduces gun violence by limiting firearm access to children and young adults

An advocate of the BE SMART program has offered to virtually present the program to our local community. If you or someone you know is interested in this presentation, please contact Injury Prevention Specialist, Don Smies at (406) 433-2207.

 In response to community interest, a presentation will be coordinated through Don Smies.

For more information on the BE SMART program or Moms Demand Action, please visit http://besmartforkids.org/ and https://momsdemandaction.org/.

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