The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is updating the Chamber Bucks system. Effective October 11, the chamber will be utilizing a gift card system powered by a company called Yiftee.

Rather than purchasing physical chamber bucks, people can choose to support our local businesses by purchasing a Yiftee gift card. This can easily be done online, over the phone or in person at the Sidney Chamber. Only Chamber Member businesses are eligible to be merchants activated to expend the funds on the gift cards.

These gift cards are actually primarily used as e-gift cards. Therefore, most customers who use them will have been sent the gift card virtually through text message or email and will simply pull the card number up from their phone to expend the funds. Alternatively, we are able to print out a pdf of the code for those who prefer a physical copy. Either way, there is no actual “gift card” to run or scan, all Yiftee card transactions are typed into your Point of Sale system. This does result in your typical “card not present” fee which is 0.5% higher than your normal processing fee.

Other notable mentions about the Yiftee card system:

There is an additional fee to purchase these gift cards. Purchasers will pay $1 + 5% of the gift card total.

The gift card codes are not reloadable.

The balance of the gift card can easily be looked up at If a customer would like to use the remaining balance, while also paying for a portion of the product or service out of pocket, they (or you) must look up the remaining balance and charge that amount to the gift card first.

People who receive these gift cards must spend the funds within 12 months or a $3 fee will incure for each year the gift card is not utilized.

There are some additional perks that come with this program. For example, if the chamber leverages sponsorships, fundraisers or particular grants, they will be able to offer “buy one-get one” programs. If a customer purchases a $20 gift card, the card would be activated with $25. Programs like this will make up for the processing and purchasing fees.

Stores are also able to advertise in general and add “special deals” to their end of the Yiftee program. Check out this website and view all of the other community cards at

This system also opens the Chamber Bucks system up to other businesses outside of restaurants and retail stores. If you have a Point of Sale system that’s on the Master Card network, your essentially ready to utilize the Yiftee Card.

Watch this two minute video that breaks the process down for cashiers:

Chamber members who are interested in this promotion should contact the chamber to be included as a merchant using this new system.

The Chamber Bucks that have already been issued will still be redeemable by the old traditional method of exchanging for cash at Stockman Bank, Richland Federal Credit Union and Yellowstone Bank.

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