Clear skies and perfect temperatures greeted Draggin' Main participants and spectators in Sidney on May 16. Muscle cars and impressive trucks, motorcycles and three-wheelers came from every nook and cranny of Richland County to celebrate the arrival of warmer days.

Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs and Mopar Challengers dominated; but bikes showed up en force, as well.

The local DJ announced on the radio that a mysterious red "Lambo" was in the mix. He was right.

From a $250,000 Lamborghini to a priceless, well-restored old roadster, every cohort was represented on Saturday evening.

Red was a common color. Purple, too. Orange and yellow, and a bit o' green. (Not a lot of blue....)

Hot rods, raised pickup trucks, tricked-out bikes and a few ATVs politely negotiated the main drag in downtown Sidney to congratulate recent high school grads.

Mostly, they came to support local businesses that have reopened as the "Coronavirus Curve" seems to flatten throughout the state of Montana.

No doubt about it. Independence is in the air. 

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