Brenda Larson was at the Sidney Cemetery Thursday afternoon with her granddaughters Tayla Larson, 4, and Kambree Wheeler, 7. They arrived early to place American flags on the graves of war veterans in honor of Memorial Day, Monday, May 25.

Larson, of Sidney, explained she and her husband, Tim, volunteered about 15 years ago to assume responsibility for placing flags on the graves of Richland County U.S. service veterans buried at the cemetery.

“My husband and I have done this for many, many, many years,” she said. “We took it over for Mary Thorsen.

“We just go looking for the graves,” Larson continued, noting it’s a valuable civics lesson for both of her granddaughters.

“It’s a good way to teach them flag etiquette and to honor the vets,” Larson said.

“Last year we put out over 500 flags,” she added, explaining that a group of local 4-H Club members would be arriving soon to help them out.

Sure enough, a few minutes later they were met by several 4-H Club kids, along with some adults.

The “helpers,” as Larson affectionately referred to them, represent the Richland County 4-H “Aces” and the Brorson Farmhands 4-H Club of Sidney.

“Gotta give the 4-H kids credit,” Larson said. “It’s a good way to honor all the vets.”

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