By Nicole Lucina

Sidney Herald

Do you have that absolutely perfect photo of you and your significant other? Well now it can be put to good use! Or you could pose for one specifically for an upcoming area contest!

The Sidney Herald is holding a “Cutest Couple” contest and the winners will receive a great prize from Reynolds Market. Through Feb. 13, you can upload a photo of you and your partner on the Sidney Herald website. You can enter the contest at

People can then get online and vote for who they think is the cutest couple. You can vote once a day and you can only enter your photo once. 

Reynolds Market is sponsoring this contest and will be the ones providing the winning prize. The winner will receive a Valentines Day basket with flowers, wine, dinner and more! You must be 18 or older to enter. If the winner is under 21, the basket will be changed accordingly.

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