Four years ago Jason Jacobson’s life took a drastic turn when a car accident left him in a wheelchair as a paraplegic. After seven subsequent surgeries, Jacobson’s battle is still uphill.

A benefit is planned for Saturday, Sept. 28, at 7 p.m., at Sidney Elks Lodge with a brisket and pulled pork dinner and a silent and live auction. The benefit will help the family raise money for vehicle that would allow Jacobson to drive himself while in his power chair. Such a vehicle would grant him independence, freedom and most of all less physical strain than chair restraints allow in the family’s current vehicle.

Tell us about the toll your surgeries have taken, physically, emotionally and financially.

The majority of my surgeries have been flap surgeries to fix pressure ulcers. I have chronic osteomyelitis, an infection of bone and bone marrow, so unfortunately this hinders my recovery time and also makes me more prone to ulcers getting out of control. Each flap surgery puts me out of commission for 6-8 weeks. I have to be on complete bed rest for at least 21 days then 2 weeks of slowly being able to sit up and then being able to get in my chair and IV antioviotics the entire time and usually longer. Each time I go into surgery I get physically weaker and have to work even harder to get my strength and balance back. My family and I try really hard to stay in a good place mentally while I’m gone. Mental health is extremely important when you are stuck in a bed, on your back, laying flat for weeks. Financially, we will be paying for these surgeries and hospital stays for many many years to come. Having to keep taking time for these surgeries also doesn’t allow me to grow my business as much as I want to. Thankfully I have amazing customers that are very understanding.

What has the continued community and family support meant to you since your accident?

The continued community support is amazing! Makes me proud to grow up in Sidney. Not all kids get a community like we had growing up. I have the most loving family. My entire family, along with the Bart family, have always tried to make sure I felt at home. And as always Candace and the boys are right by my side through thick and thin. I have the best wife and kids!

Can you tell us about how you became paralysed?

I was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. I was thrown from the car while it was flipping and sustained a T6 complete spinal cord injury.

What do you want people to know about the benefit that isn’t listed on the poster?

My family and I try to raise awareness about SCI. The more knowledge we can spread about everything someone goes through or had to deal with while having and SCI the better people and businesses can be with adaptability. Wheelchair users just want to be included and comfortable when going out, just like anyone else.

Is there a dollar amount you hope to raise?

We are grateful that there is a benefit being held and any amount will truly help in the possibility of getting an accessible vehicle that I can drive. We will be thankful for any amount that is raised.

Do you know the average cost of your medical condition over the course of a year/month?

It depends, if I stay healthy and out of the hospital then the cost per month is a little manageable, a few hundred dollars. Each surgery and hospital stay puts my family out of thousands of dollars.

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