During the Kiwanis meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6, Deborah Lamb spoke about her upcoming run for congress and what she plans to do if elected.

“I’m running because I think we’re teetering on becoming a socialist nation or remaining a free republic and potentially losing the American dream,” she said. “Having lived the American dream, I know how important that is for hope and for having a bright future.

“I’m all about going to the root of issues and why are things the way they are, what could we do to fix the problem and not just a symptom,” Lamb continued.

One of the things Lamb notes she has been heavily involved in is education.

“I have worked very hard to help provide school choice options for those parents that have children that need something different than public schools,” Lamb said. “The federal government does not belong in education. It belongs in the states because everyone here knows best how to educate children and not the federal government.”

After Lamb’s brief speech, Kiwanis member Kali Godfrey spoke about the Leadership summit communities in action is holding. The summit is coming to Sidney on March 19 at the Richland County Event Center, and Godfrey encourages everyone to attend.

“There will be a presentation from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and then we’re going to have a reception from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.,” Godfrey said. “The goal of the summit is to increase social capital in Richland County. Social capital is the links, shared values and understandings in a society that enables individuals and groups to work together.”

Primarily, Richland County has two ways they do that.

“One is through civic engagement groups and faith-based groups,” Godfrey said. “Part of Ben Winchester’s presentation will be a panel and we wanted to get a diverse group of our local leadership to talk about how we get people engaged in different civic engagement groups.”

Winchester, the facilitator of the summit, is a rural sociologist at the University of Minnesota who specializes in community economics.

Some Kiwanis members will be on the leadership panel.

The next Kiwanis meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 13 at Elks Lodge beginning at noon.

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