Logen Marker

The Sidney Middle School teachers are pleased to announce the April Student of the Month.

Congratulations to Logen Marker, son of Jon and Sheila Marker.

Logen is an excellent learner to have in class. He uses his time wisely to get his work done. He is always engaged and brings well-developed questions into discussion. He is never afraid to reach out for help and consistently looks to acquire a deeper understanding, which helps him do his best on all assignments.

Logen participates in class daily, and shares his thoughts and answers with confidence. Logen is upbeat and brings humor to the classroom (when appropriate).

Another great attribute of Logen is how kind he is. He is willing to help his classmates and often takes the initiative to do so without prompting. He’s always willing to help out his teachers, doesn’t complain, and is friendly to all of his classmates. Every day he just seems happy to be in class and brings a positive attitude to spread to others around him.

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