Merchants Bank recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary of serving the public in Fairview.

Staff members, company representatives, family members and customers gathered at the bank throughout the day to mark the occasion. According to the count, about 75 people stopped by to enjoy sandwiches, chips and of course, cake. Merchant Bank also offered koozies and coffee mugs to those who stopped by.

Along with the staff at the Fairview branch, family member and CEO Jane Wyatt and her husband, Wizz were also on hand to celebrate the anniversary, as was Bank President Cody Melgaard.

While this was the 10th anniversary of Merchants Bank’s affiliation with the Fairview Branch, bank officials were quick to point out the bank has been in the same location for 65 years and said it has been a great honor serving the Fairview community for the past 10 years.

As part of the celebration, photos of staff members over the past 10 years were on display as well.

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