50 years Dec. 10, 1969 In the news

Protests emerged over a petition brought on by Montana Airways Inc. to re-open the Montana Air Service Case. Montana Airways requested a hearing or a review over a decision made that authorized Apache Airlines to provide commuter service in eastern Montana. Montana Airway alleged “numerous irregularities” in the previous decision, but their request was not filed within the required 20-day time frame of the initial decision.

In sports

Fairview Warriors basketball came away with a 12-point victory of 65-53 over Forsyth on the heels of a 26-point outing from Kelly Mason. Mike Webber had 12 points, Rollie Sullivan had 10 and Dave Zoanni had eight points in the Friday night win.

25 years Dec 11, 1994 In the news

The Richland County Shrine Club raised a total of $4,730 in the Hospital Fund Drive with help from local businesses and other individuals. The Club provided postage, envelopes, stickers and receipts, allowing 100 percent of the proceeds to go to the hospital. Shrine hospitals offer orthopedic care to help or fix pediatric orthopedic deficiencies free of charge.

In sports

Trisha Harper of the Sidney Eagles basketball team was selected as the top offensive player for the Eagles at their awards banquet, while Stacy Schmidt was elected as the top defensive player. Harper averaged 15.3 points per game, leading the team. Schmidt tallied a total of 107 steals on the season, breaking Deb Prevost’s previous record of 81 steals on the season and also snapping the record of 72 assists held by Jeanna Huffman totaling 78 on the year. Jeanie Callen and Lori Steinbeisser were honored with the awards of most hustle and most inspiration. The most improved player award went to Amy DiFonzo.

10 years Dec. 13, 2009 In the news

Sidney school officials, along with more school districts are concerned about new requirements from the Achievement in Montana (AIM) program done by the Montana Office of Public Instruction. AIM takes reporting from student-related data from school districts such as enrollment, demographic data, eligibility for state and federal education programs, special education planning and reporting and registration for statewide assessments. The program has now demanded such information as the student’s name and disciplinary matters. A survey conducted for Sidney’s parents showed 94 percent believed Sidney should withhold the information from OPI.

In sports

Sidney Eagles basketball fell to the Williston Coyotes 48-79 in Williston’s season opener at Phil Jackson Fieldhouse Williston shot 42 percent from the floor in the first half, taking a commanding lead of 24-38 at halftime. Much of the same for the Coyotes occurred in the second half as they made five of nine shots from three-point range and connecting on 40 percent of their shots. Sidney’s Ryan Sullivan led the team with 10 points; Cole Steinbeisser totaled nine points and seven rebounds. Mitch Kallevig and Beau Prevost each had eight points on the night.

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