50 years Dec. 24, 1969 In the news

Montana State Employment Service, Department of Labor and Holly Sugar announced that growers who plan to use migrant workers in the field with beets must adhere to housing regulations that were initiated by the secretary of labor. Inspections of all housing will be initiated before the arrival of the migrant workers. If the employment service that if they’re not in compliance, no labor will be allowed for the year 1970.

In sports

Fairview Warriors basketball team captured two non-conference victories over the Ray, North Dakota, team, 60-57, and Terry by the final score of 69-54. Fairview’s Rick Taylor and Mike Weber led the team in scoring in the first game, while Fairview’s Kelly Mason scored 24 points in the 15-point win over Terry.

25 years Dec. 21, 1994 In the news

The Nutter Building faced water damage after a 2-inch pipe that runs through the floor burst causing significant water damage to the building. Workers from RestorX were working on getting the water out of the building. The rebuild of some of the areas that were damaged are set to begin on Dec. 27 and in hopes of finishing up by Jan. 15.

In sports

Savage Warriors basketball team was on Bainville’s home court, securing a 24-point victory over the Bulldogs. Chris Seeve and Travis Lange led Savage with 17 points each, followed by Justin Verhasselt with 12, and Justin Schmierer with 11 points. The Warriors record stood at 2-1.

10 years

Dec. 23, 2009 In the news

Richland County Transportation Service showed signs of growth after RCTS gave 11,449 rides compared to 6,089 rides in the previous year. Also discussed at the Transportation Advisory Committee meeting, is that the Transportation Development plan is scheduled to move forward. The plan is to conduct studies and surveys to find out the best way forward in using the transportation service in Richland County.

In sports

Richey-Lambert girls basketball brought home back a victory over the Bainville Bulldogs in Bainville after outscoring the Bulldogs 21-3 in the third quarter resulting in a 30-point win of 58-28. Richey-Lambert’s Jennifer Trotter led the team with a whopping 28-point game, tying the overall score of Bainville in four quarters. Fusion’s Jessica Williams was second on the team in points with 12 along with Laken Olson and Taylor Sheehan each had four points on the night.

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