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We all remember that as a kid, recess is the best part of the day at school. Rau School is doing what they can to give a facelift to their playground to make it better for the kids.

Rau PTO said, “The equipment that’s here now has been here since 1983.” Back in December, Rau School received a check from Stockman Bank for $2,500 to put toward the playground. They also received a check from the Dayton Foundation for the same amount.

Between the donations from Stockman and the Dayton Foundation, along with a large donation from the school, funds raised by students and a few other donations from local businesses and community members, they were able to purchase the main piece of equipment.

 They noted that the playground project will be done in two different phases.

Rau PTO said, “The first phase is half complete.” The first phase was purchasing the main piece of playground equipment.

The second phase will include that installation and the resurfacing of the ground beneath where the equipment will go. There is currently gravel beneath the equipment.

“The gravel is not acceptable by any means for our handicap children,” the PTO said. The gravel makes it difficult for the kids in wheelchairs to get around the playground. The current playground is made out of wood and doesn’t meet safety requirements anymore, making the project necessary.

The goal is to have the funds by April so that it can all be installed by June. The total for the labor and resurfacing is close to $26,000. They have already fundraised $5,000 toward the first phase. Phase two will cost about $65,000.

It was noted that they intend to continue with fundraising. “There’s only so much we can ask of the kids and their families though,” they noted. They will be reaching out to local businesses and to the community to help attain the funds.

Rau PTO went on to explain that phase two will also consist of adding the smaller structures to the playground such as swings and a merry-go-round. “Our handicap children will be able to wheel right up onto the merry-go-round.” The Rau PTO reports, “Our Rau students and families have worked hard to help us fundraise for this large project, but everything has a limit and there is only so much we can continue to ask from them. That is why we are reaching out to local businesses and the community to help attain the funds.”


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