Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I like coffee. Most mornings find me having several cups. 

I grew up with that. My parents and our neighbors all drank coffee. Many of the business discussions were over coffee. My grandparents always visited over coffee. I have a lot of memories associated with cups of coffee in various places and times.

I have been thinking about that simple beverage — coffee. Basically coffee is always simply water with some coffee in it. Now the coffee may be flavored or not, it may be beans that we grind or it may be already ground coffee. 

The coffee may be instant, or made in a coffee maker, or a cup at a time, or a peculator or any number of ways. You may drink that coffee hot or cold or iced. 

Maybe black or with cream or sugar or some flavoring. But, all of those options come back to the basic thing of water and coffee.

Water and coffee are two very different things, before you make that coffee beverage. Coffee grounds are usually dry and powdery, sort of the opposite of what water is. 

When that water and coffee gets combined, it forms something new. It is no longer something dry and powdery. It is no longer like water. It looks and tastes different.

It has become something new. It is no longer two ingredients. It is now one thing, something new. It is virtually impossible to separate the coffee from the water again. It really has become something new.

That wonderful cup of coffee is a lot like how I picture the Holy Spirit of God. No one would confuse any of us with the Holy Spirit. We are definitely physical beings, not just spirit. And most of us are a long ways from Holy.

When the Holy Spirit comes into us, it is a lot like that cup of coffee. It may happen in different ways and at different times for different people. It may not be easy for us to describe or explain or understand. 

But, just like that cup of coffee, when the Spirit of God enters us, it becomes part of us. We and the spirit were two different things. Now we are one thing, something new. Now we are somethingnew that does not get separated back to the original couple things. We are one thing, something new.

I suppose that we could list all sorts of things to do with a cup of coffee. We could list silly things and serious things. 

For me, the best thing to do with a cup of coffee is simply to drink it. The caffeine can be a boost, the enjoyment of the coffee can be comforting or relaxing, the liquid could even be needed. 

It sort of helps out the whole body. And so do we, when filled with that Spirit of God we come to the Body of Christ, to our Christian community, and share who we are and the gifts we have. I could go on. 

Do you ever think about your cup of coffee? I do. Celebrate God all around us.

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