Jade Winkler

Jade Winkler of The Matthew House accepts donations from the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Following the recent recognition of Suicide Prevention Month, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sidney held a special training and Women’s Conference for the women’s Relief Society from the Glendive Stake of the church. The focus of the conference was on dealing with depression and stress, with the title of “Keeping Ourselves Emotionally Resilient.” Attendees came from as far away as Plentywood, Glasgow, Broadus, Watford City and everywhere in between.

After a delicious luncheon, the featured interactive speaker was Dr. Madeline Free Habib, a licensed psychiatrist affiliated with Sanford Health in Bismarck, North Dakota. Dr. Habib presented a slide show to help attendees identify different forms of anxiety, depression, and stress triggers; and to teach self-help and coping skills. Her plan for conflict resolution includes physical activity, eating & sleeping well, avoiding chemicals, maintaining a “growth mindset,” immersing oneself in nature, living within your means, and taking one step at a time. Dr. Habib also advised that “social relationships are the single most important factor to overcoming emotional stress.”

Womens Conference donations

Two carloads of bedding, food, & other necessities were delivered to the Matthew House

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