There is something about trusting and obeying the Lord that many of us find intriguing on the one hand and intimidating on the other. This week we’ll look at the intimidating side.

In Jeremiah 1, God is asking Jeremiah to be his messenger, to be a prophet to the people of Israel. 

In verse 8 God reassures him, “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you.”

This had to be comforting to Jeremiah, knowing the Lord was going to be with him no matter what happened. God himself is telling Jeremiah, “Do not be afraid.”

 It is clear the Lord is asking Jeremiah to trust and obey Him.

The intimidating part comes in verse 19 “They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.

I can just about hear Jeremiah saying, “You want me to trust you and obey you. But the people you are asking me to go to will fight against me, but you assure me they won’t overcome me. Thanks God. But what do you mean you will rescue me? Rescue me from what? If you are with me, how bad can it be?’

As we read through the book of Jeremiah, we learn that Jeremiah did obey the Lord. 

He told the people exactly what the Lord wanted him to tell them. As a result of obeying the Lord, Jeremiah was beaten, imprisoned, threatened to be killed, arrested and thrown into a muddy well and left for dead.

Here’s what we can learn from Jeremiah. Trusting and obeying the Lord does NOT mean things will always turn out the way we plan or anticipate.

Trusting and obeying the Lord may in fact lead to more trials and hardships for us.

Trusting and obeying the Lord may mean that our lives become more difficult and more stressful.

The other option we have is to NOT trust the Lord and to NOT obey Him. 

I refer you to a man by the name of Jonah if you want to find out what may happen when we decide to NOT trust and obey the Lord.

Someone once said, “Faith, trusting and obeying the Lord, does not necessarily mean passivity on our part. Often faith calls more action out of us.”

How is the Lord asking you to trust and obey Him today?

Is He asking you to obey Him and have that difficult conversation?

Is He asking you to trust Him and give up a bad habit?

Is He asking you to trust and obey Him and become more involved in serving others?

Is He asking you to trust and obey Him by giving Him what you do have, so He can do something beyond your wildest dreams?

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