Mark Berryman

Managing Editor

I do not often write for this page but on rare occasions I will will offer a few words. This being Easter, I felt like it was a good opportunity.

Before I begin I will promise three thing. First, I won’t be wordy. I’m sure you are aware that at times I can be. Two, I won’t throw tons of scripture at you. I can do that as well but that’s not usually my style. Most of you likely know the Word fairly well anyway. Third, I won’t use a lot of $2 church words. Yes, I know quite a few of them but they’re pretty much useless unless you’re around lifelong church folks. I’m guessing not all of you are, and I truly mean no offense in saying that.

First, I’d like to say Happy Easter, Happy Memorial Day, Happy Independence Day, Happy Labor Day, Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving to all of the CEO’s out there. No, not the Chief Executive Officers, I’m talking about the Christmas Easter Only crowd. You know who you are. We’ll see you again in eight months.

Of course, Christmas and Easter are the cornerstones of the Christian faith. One marks the birth of the Christ child and the other marks Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

While Christians can differ on topics such as baptism, the book of Revelation, style of worship music, spiritual gifts, the use of alcohol, the color of carpet and even whether or not Adam and Eve had belly buttons, there can be no debate over these two pivotal observances. They are the bookends of our beliefs. Without either the birth or resurrection, there is no Christian faith. It is all a lie.

Perhaps this is why CEO’s make sure they are in a pew on those two days. They may not be as committed to the church as they should be but they do understand the importance of both holidays and faithfully honor them.

So, in wrapping this up, my question to you is, “What are you committed to?” Almost everyone is committed to something. Maybe you’re committed to your job. Your family. A sport or a sports team. Unhealthy habits. Or, could you be one of those who are committed to nothing?

Spring, and with it the Easter season, are about committing to a new life, to new growth. There are ample opportunities in this area. Find a church and see if there is something there worth making a commitment.

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