Sunday, April 19

4:13 p.m. – Sidney Police Department (SPD) officer was advised of a “reckless driver” in which the reporting party claimed they were cut off and almost struck at the corner of 9th Ave. SW and 5th St. SW. The officer responded but was unable to locate the alleged offending vehicle; furthermore, the provided driver’s license number was incorrect. No additional action was taken.

Monday, April 20

8:47 p.m. – SPD officers responded to the area of 14th Street and Central Ave. after a “vandalism” call was reported involving a suspect allegedly causing damage to a vehicle. The person was arrested and taken into custody the following day after a warrant was issued. The person was actually arrested in Glendive on a different charge by the Glendive Police Department, a SPD representative said.

Tuesday, April 21

2:33 p.m. – SPD officer received a call about an alleged “scam” from a reporting party, who said someone claiming to be with an official “drug investigating agency” claimed the person being called was in trouble. “There was enough information to document the call as a ‘scam,’” a SPD representative said; however, there was not enough information to pursue an investigation.

Wednesday, April 22

8:29 a.m. – SPD officer was notified by dispatch that a “wanted person” was in the lobby of the Richland County Law & Justice Center. The person was there to turn themself in for a “Contempt of Court, Failure to Appear” warrant. No further information was provided.

Thursday, April 23

6:42 a.m. – SPD officer responded to a call of a “theft” of a propane tank at the 400 block of 3rd Ave. SE. The officer filed a report, but “there were no leads,” a SPD representative said.

Friday, April 24

9:47 p.m. – SPD officers responded to a complaint about a barking dog at an apartment complex near the 200 block of 9th Ave. NW. The officers spoke with the dog’s owner, who agreed to “take care of the matter,” a SPD representative said. No further action was taken.

Saturday, April 25

1:10 p.m. – SPD officers responded to a call from the manager of a Sidney apartment complex regarding an unauthorized occupant in a vacant apartment. The officers met — outside the building — with the alleged unauthorized person and advised the person to leave, according to a SPD representative. “It would have been a squatter, someone who was never an authorized tennant,” the representative said. The person agreed to leave, the representative said. No further action was taken.

10:33 p.m. – SPD officers responded to the 500 block of Yellowstone Drive for a report of a “disturbance” (listed in the SPD call report as “Trouble”). A SPD representative said the “officers made contact with a male and female, who, it was determined, had been in an argument. It was determined that no crime had been committed, as far as an assault, or anything.” The couple was “warned about creating a disturbance and no further action was taken.”

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