Mercedes Lamb

Sidney Middle School Student of the Month: Mercedes Lamb

January’s Student of the Month at Sidney Middle School ranks high among her peers. Mercedes Lamb is ambitious, conscientious and extremely motivated to do well in school. She is one of those students who stands out because she is always willing to do whatever it takes to do her best.

Mercedes is extremely willing to put in the extra time on any assignment and to help others. She is very approachable, and many of her peers rely on her to help and explain the information to them.

Not only is she an excellent student, but Mercedes is very involved in her school and community. She plays volleyball for her school, plays many instruments in the band, sings in the choir, and has joined Academic Olympics.

In the community she babysits, and is very involved with her church.

Mercedes can often be seen reading on Sundays. Many of the adults in the school have described her as very kind and caring to all. She has an extremely big heart and loves to put others first.

Mercedes is the daughter of Jason and Janelle Lamb.

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