Boys & Girls Club of Richland County Program Staff with club kids showing off the flags of the different countries they created.

Friday was the last day of Around the World Olympic Camp for Boys & Girls Club of Richland County.  This camp is the second of four summer camps provided by Boys & Girls Club this summer and provided much needed fun, relaxation, and vacation time that any kid could want without leaving the area.

 “This two-week camp was a great success,” says Janelle Buxbaum, operational program manager for the club. 

Each day club kids took “a trip” to another country where they learned about local customs, foods, language and of ‘course the sports there. Club kids took trips to the gymnastics center, local parks and sporting areas.  On the final day, the camp hosted the “world cup.”

  Prizes and awards were given to Club kids for the events they participated in during the last two weeks. 

Adventure Camp started Monday and will run until Friday.  This one-week camp is packed full of outdoor adventure and skill building.  

The final camp, Hollywood Camp run July 18-29.  Kids will play roles in TV shows, game shows and movies and try their talents in theater, music and dance.  Look for the final cut movie to be shown on our Facebook page starting in August! 

If you would like to sponsor a child or donate to the Back A Kid Fund so any child can join the Club activities, please call BGCRC at 406-433-6763 or visit www.richlandbgc.org

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