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Rhett Rossol, left, finished first in the 200-meter dash, second in the 100-meter dash and eighth in the 100-meter hurdle. Kylie Schoepp, right, was first in the 100-meter dash, shot put, and discus.

Sidney Eagles score in Watford City

The Sixth Grade Eagles boys and girls came home with a first-place win from the Watford City MonDak MS Meet. Seventh-grade boys placed sixth, while the girls placed seventh. Eighth-grade boys placed seventh, and the girls 12th. The Sidney Eagles Middle School Track and Field will be traveling to Miles City on April 27 th and to Glendive on May 4th .

100-meter dash:

Boys: 6th Grade — Reece Graves 14.17(1), Ryker Wise 15.90(2), Beau Rindahl 16.46(3), Ryan Unruh

18.05(6), Kaleb Kutzler 18.75(7), and Deion Potter 21.40(8). 7 th Grade-Jaymen Henderson 13.58(6),

Daniel Stevens 15.13(14), and Kayson Radke 16.34(19). 8 th Grade-Kayden Wise 14.37(18), Dallis Massey 15.10(20), and Hayden Hart 15.77(23).Girls: 6 th Grade-Kylie Schoepp 16.37(1) and Rhett Rossol 17.77(2). 8th Grade-Jaedyn Hall 15.90(17)

200-meter dash:

Boys: 6th Grade — Reece Graves 31.51(1), Ryker Wise 35.15(2), and Beau Rindahl 36.13(3).

7th Grade — Daniel Stevens 30.55(5) and Zander Dingfelder 36.19(16).

Girls: 6th Grade — Rhett Rossol 37.91(1).

8th Grade- Jaedyn Hall 32.15(6) and Elizabeth Langwald 34.24(17).

400-meter dash:

Boys: 6th Grade — Branden Pederson 1:17.64(1)

8th Grade — Dallis Massey 1:15.12(12).

Girls: 8th Grade — Elizabeth Langwald 1:24.85(13)

800-meter dash:

Boys:6th Grade — Branden Pederson 2:58.66(1) and Nate Carlsen 3:07.06(2).

Girls: 7th Grade — Ryleigh Kleinke 2:47.41(1) and Aurora Baker 3:05.55(4)

1600-meter dash:

Boys: 7th Grade — Nate Carlsen 6:52.43(10).

Girls: 7th Grade — Ryleigh Kleinke 6:05.20(1) and Aurora Baker 6:40.23(4)

100-meter hurdles:

Boys: 8th Grade — Ben Carlsen 21.90(9).

Girls:7th Grade — Rhett Rossol 23.38(8).

8th Grade — SheaLi Seitz 25.91(6)

200-meter hurdles:

Boys: 8th Grade — Ben Carlsen 31.20(4)

4 X 100-meter relay:

Boys: 6th Grade — Ryker Wise, Nate Carlsen, Ryan Unruh, and Reece Graves 1:02.13(1).

7th Grade — Kayson Radke, Chase Waters, Daniel Stevens, and Jaymen Henderson 57.07(2)

4 X 400 meter relay:

Boys: 8th Grade — Kaden Wise, Zander Dean, Ben Carlsen, and Dallis Massey 4:25.21(3).

Shot Put:

Boys: 6th Grade — Kaleb Kutzler 20ft 4in(1) and Deion Potter 19ft 4.5in(3).

7th Grade — Chase Waters 31ft 8in(2) and Zander Dingfelder 29ft 5in(6).

8th Grade — Bohden Bailey 22ft 4in(16) and Hans Preus 17ft(17).

Girls: 6th Grade — Kylie Schoepp 27ft 1in(1). 8 th Grade-SheaLi Seitz 22ft 8in(13).


Boys: 6th Grade — Kaleb Kutzler 52ft(2) and Deion Potter 46ft 1in(3).

7th Grade — Chase Waters 103ft 7in(2) and Zander Dingfelder 73ft 7in(9).

8th Grade — Bohden Bailey 79ft 2in(8) and Hans Preus 38ft 10in (19).

Girls: 6th Grade Kylie Schoepp 59ft(1).

8th Grade- SheaLi Seitz 66ft 3in(3).

Pole Vault:

Boys: 8th Grade — Ben Carlsen 8ft(2)

Long Jump:

Boys: 7th Grade-Ryker Wise 12ft 4.5in(1), Nate Carlsen 12ft 1in(2) and Beau Rindahl 11ft 2in(3).

8th Grade- Kaden Wise 15ft 4in(8) and Hayden Hart 10ft 9in(31).

Girls: 8th Grade — Jaedyn Hall 11ft 2in(13) and Elizabeth Langwald 9ft 9.5in(26)

Triple Jump:

Boys: 8th Grade — Kaden Wise 32ft 3in(3) and Zander Dean 32ft(4).

Fairview takes second at invitational

Fairview girls and boys finished in second at the recent Fairview High School Invitational meet. Fairview girls earned 82 points, which was close to first-place finisher, Westby-Grenora, while Fairview Boys earned 48 points, tieing with Scobey for second place. Taking first was Richey-Lambert with 159 points.

Taylor Teigan ran away with first place in the 100 Meter Hurdles and took second in the 300 Meter Hurdles as well. Fairview girls took first place in the girls 4x100 Meter Relay, which include Teigan, Montana Buckley, Jadyn Gackle and Megan Asbeck.

Megan Asbeck leaped to first in the Girls Triple Jump, while Jadyn Gackle was first in the Girls Shot Put and in Girls Discus Throw.

For the boys, Josh Herron took first int eh Boys High Jump, and the boys took second in the boys 4x100 Meter Relay, which included Paul Hardy, Easton Hopes, Carson Cayko and Cody Asbeck.

Asbeck also took third in the Boys 100 Meter Dash and second in the Boys Triple Jump.

Photo by Synneva Meldahl  

Our senior groups placed 5 of the top 10 placements. “Dancing in the Rain” (Emma Doty, Brielle Gorder, Katrina Meldahl, Cammy Heck, Kylee Byer) received 1st overall and won the Highest Scoring Tap Routine of the entire competition. “Sittin’ on the Dock” (same dancers) received 2nd overall and won the People’s Choice Award. “Blues Brothers” (Emma Doty, Brielle Gorder, Katrina Meldahl, Cammy Heck, Kylee Byer, Cassidy Wadley, Gracie Burns) won 3rd overall. “Keep the Wolves Away” (Emma Doty, Brielle Gorder, Katrina Meldahl, Cammy Heck, Kylee Byer, Tyler Berka, Cassidy Wadley, Kayla Sparks, Kierra Huotari) received 7th overall. “On Tour” Cassidy Wadley, Kierra Huotari, Brielle Gorder, Tyler Berka, Emma Doty, Katrina Meldahl) received 10th overall.

Cutting Edge brings home awards, scholarship

Dancers from the Cutting Edge Dance Studio just attended the Spotlight Dance Cup in Gillette Wyoming over the past weekend and many of the girls have brought home some pretty big awards.

Among the highlights, Brielle Gorder was crowned champion of the Senior Dance Down, out of about 50 participating dancers. The spotlight is run like a true audition. For that achievement, Gorder will receive a scholarship, as well as an invitation to participate in the Spotlight Elite classes at nationals.

Grace Hentges, meanwhile, walked away with Junior Miss Spotlight in the pageant portion of the competition. To win this, she had to complete a biography, answer an onstage question, and perform a 15-second sho-off step, which was scored and combined with her solo performance score. The competition was tough, but Hentges prevailed.

See the remaining photos online for more details of the girls’ achievements.

Track Qualifier Q&A

Name: Carter Hughes

Age: 18

Grade: 12

What event(s) do you participate in:

Shot put and discus

What do you think contributed to your success making it to state:

Experience and off-season workouts.

Why did you choose to join track, how long have you been on the track team and what do you enjoy the most about being on the track team:

Track is a big thing in my family, so I’ve always wanted to join. I’ve been in track all through middle school and high school. My favorite part is how track is such an individual thing. I’m the only one who can affect my performance.

What else do you like to do:

Mow the lawn and golf.

Future plans:

Go to the University of Minnesota to be on track and study business.

Anything else you’d like to add (shoutout to someone who helped you, more info about yourself etc.):

My marks should get better soon.

Specks on a Spot

In the light winds, the boat drifted easily toward shore as I missed yet another hookset on the paper-mouthed crappies staging on the edge of the shallows in preparation for the spawn. Slowly, I felt the back of the boat catch on something and turn with the slight breeze. I looked back to see a car-sized boulder just under the surface of the dark water and as I stepped down into the hull, I felt the transom pop loose from a similarly-sized adjacent rock. I clicked on the trolling motor and turned the boat out into the mouth of the bay and, once back in position, flung a cast out next two the large rocks.

By the time I had reeled up the slack there was a weight on the end of the line and I instinctively snapped the hook into place on a jet-black crappie that flipped and splashed its way to hand. The following cast was met with a similar take by a much larger white crappie holding in the area next to the underwater obstructions. As I drifted past the boulders, the bites became less frequent until I turned around and again approached the rocks, casting off to their left and just behind them toward the rockfall that marked the steep, eroded shore and the north edge of the impoundment. With a two count, I set the hook into a crappie that somehow I knew would be there in that little niche, tucked just off to the side of the structures. Locked in, I set about on a 100-fish evening, glued to the 20-foot radius that seemed to hold every speck intent on spawning in the bay this spring. In the ultra shallows beyond the rocks there was nothing, and if I missed that first take in the little area as my tiny tube dropped, there wasn’t much in the deeper waters between the strike zone and my boat. It was a spot-on-a-spot if there ever was one, as crappies from 8-to-12 inches in various spawning colors came hand-over-fist, providing a memorable stretch of spring fishing.

Other than the rocks, there wasn’t much to key in on, save for their relation to the on-shore debris as the bay was still without much springtime vegetation or any other discernible areas to fish. That’s what keeps those spots-on-a-spot secret and so elusive, their difficulty to find and sometimes relocate – though the GPS on my sonar stored the spot for future recollection. What’s more, it wasn’t the rocks themselves that held fish, but the slightly deeper bowl to their side that provided connection to the main lake. Perhaps it was the funnel that brought fish up for their annual spring ritual, or just a place with a little more cover over their backs from the eagles that occasional flew above. While one trip to the newfound spot does not a pattern make, it was undeniable in my journeys around the bay and its adjacent shorelines that it was indeed the spot on a spot for that moment in time in that location.

Whether new to the sport of angling, or perhaps just a certain body of water, finding that first spot-on-a-spot is a real victory as it provides clues to other key fish locations and a place to return to and adjust from as seasonal shifts and water levels and conditions such as clarity or forage as the open water season progresses. Whether it’s the wind-swept point of an underwater reef for walleyes, a piece of sunken structure for bass, or a corridor between some rocks and the main lake for the crappies I encountered, each spot-on-a-spot is a valued find for many reasons and a confidence booster on the water for sure.

Reece Graves took first in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash, and was a member of the winning 4x100-meter relay team, which included Ryker Wise, Nate Carlsen, Ryan Unruh.