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The Richland County Courthouse was a busy place to on election day for the November 2020 General, with a steady stream of voters coming in to cast their ballots.

Election turnout high — but not a Montana record

Election turnout high — but not a Montana record

All the votes are now in for the 2020 election, which had an 80 percent turnout statewide, according to the Secretary of State’s website. That is a large amount, but doesn’t beat the 86% record set in 1968, according to statistics at the Montana Secretary of State’s website.

A steady stream of voters turned out during the day to cast ballots in person at the Richland county Courthouse for Montana’s all mail-in election.

Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator Stephpanie Verhasselt said she is not sure if that’s a record.

“We did have a good percent,” she said. “It looked like we had close to 76 percent voting. That was a nice percentage and it all went well.”

Verhasselt thanked everyone for voting. “It ran fairly smoothly here,” she added.

Several state and federal races were hotly contested for about eight months, from Governor of the state to U.S. senator. Larger amounts of campaign cash than usual flooded the state, in races that captured national attention. That, and the fact it was a presidential election, helped boost turnout throughout Montana, including in Richland County.

Richland County votes by the numbers

5,855 votes cast

7,706 registered voters

75.97 percent turnout

For President of the United States

4,792 votes, 83 percent, for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

874 votes, 15 percent, for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

123 votes, 2 percent, for Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy ‘Spike’ Cohen

For United States Senator

4,662 votes, 81 percent, for Steve Daines

1,120 votes, 19 percent, for Steve Bullock

For U.S. Representative

4,685 votes, 82 percent, for Matt Rosendale

1,054 votes, 18 percent for Kathleen Williams

For Gov. & Lt. Governor

4,499 votes, 78 percent, for Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras

1,015 votes, 18 percent, for Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner

231 votes, 4 percent for Lyman Bishop and John Nesper

For Secretary of State

4,691 votes, 83 percent, for Christi Jacobsen

942 votes, 17 percent, for Bryce Bennett

For Attorney General

4,734 votes, 83 percent, for Austin Knudsen

938 votes, 17 percent, for Raph Graybill

For State Auditor

4,440 votes, 79 percent, for Troy Downing

877 votes, 16 percent, for Shane A Morigeau

280 votes, 5 percent, for Roger Roots

For State Superintendent of Public Instruction

4,375 votes, 77 percent, for Elsie Arntzen

1,055 votes, 19 percent, for Melissa Romano

223 votes, 4 percent, Kevin Leatherbarrow

Supreme Court Justice #5

1,947 votes, 39 percent, Mike Black

3,032 votes, 61 percent Laurie McKinnon

Retention of Supreme Court Justice Jim Shea

4,075 yes votes, 79 percent

1,114 no votes, 21 percent

Retention of District 7 Judge Katherine M. Bidegaray

4,066 yes votes, 74 percent

1,440 no votes

State Sen. District 18

4,654 votes, 78 percent, for Steve Hinebauch

967 votes, 22 percent, for Pat Mischel

State Representative District 35

4,752 votes for Brandon Ler

Richland County Clerk of District Court

5,200 votes for Janice Klempel

Richland County Commissioner District 1

5,141 votes for Loren Young

Constitutional Amendment C-46

3,840 yes votes, 74 percent

1,328 no votes, 26 percent

Constitutional Amendment C-47

3,764 yes votes, 72 percent

1,449 no votes, 28 percent

Constitutional Initiative CI-118

2,947 yes votes, 53 percent

2,638 no votes, 47 percent

Legislative Referendum No. 130

3,240 yes votes, 58 percent

2,329 no votes, 42 percent

Initiative No. 190

2,898 yes votes, 51 percent

2,780 no votes

All races are listed in order of Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian candidate.

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