Richland County voters were able to either return their ballots by mail or drop them off at Fairview City Hall, Sidney City Hall or the Richland County Courthouse for the 2021 Municipal Election.

Ballots for the 2021 Richland County municipal election were mailed out about a month ago and many of them were either mailed in or brought to Fairview City Hall, Sidney City Hall or the Richland County Courthouse by Tuesday’s 8 p.m. deadline.

Overall it was a good year to be an incumbent as all of those currently in office who ran for reelection retained their seats.

In Sidney, one seat in Ward 1, one seat in Ward 2 and one seat in Ward 3 garnered competition. The Ward 1 seat currently held by Joe Stevenson (incumbent) drew no opposition and Kali Godfrey had no opposition for her Ward 2 seat. Both Godfrey and Stevenson had been appointed to those seats after they became vacant. They will both continue to serve the remaining two years of the four-year term.

In Ward 1, incumbent Kenneth Koffler easily defeated Jason Schrader 118-57 to retain his seat.

In Ward 2, Kysa Rasmussen, the incumbent, garnered 197 votes to 56 for challenger Shawn T. Storm.

The race was much tighter for the expiring Ward 3 seat currently held by Janet Sargent. With a seat soon to be vacated, Ward 3 saw two newcomers vie to become the next alderman for Sidney . Former police chief Frank DiFonzo narrowly defeated Elaine Stedman to take the seat.

In the town of Fairview, three seats were up for grabs. The seats currently held by incumbents Michael Sannon, Kevin Dahl and Keith Bieber expire at the end of the year. Two of them, Sannon and Dahl filed to retain their seats while Bieber did not.

Fairview, which utilizes an at-large voting method rather than wards or districts, drew four candidates for the three open seats on city council. The three candidates with the most votes are elected.

After the final vote was counted, Betty Cherrey had the most votes with 119, closely followed by Sannon with 107. Dahl also retains his seat with 97 votes. Jerry Andreason missed the cut by just two votes with 95.

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