Sidney eye Care is sponsoring the Sidney Herald’s Healthy Kids Expo. They emphasize the importance of children having routine eye check up so they can monitor eye health. They will have information at their booth for kids and parents. Dr. Kristin O'Brien answered questions for the Sidney Herald. 

Why did you choose to participate in the Healthy Kids Expo?

“Eye exams in children are necessary to insure a child’s eyes are healthy and have no vision problems that could interfere with school performance.”

What will your booth include?

“In addition to educational information and materials, we will be giving out polarized sunglasses.”

Why is it important for kids to learn about eye care?

“Optimal visual skills are necessary for learning, safety and doing well in sports. These skills do not include just clear vision, but the ability to move and focus the eyes properly.”

How long has Sidney Eye Care been around?

“Sidney Eye Care started in 2012 when the practice was purchased by Dr. Kristin O’Brien. It changed it’s name from Family Eye Care which started in 1980 by Dr. Gregory Cavanaugh.”

How many doctors and staff are there?

“Sidney Eye Care currently staffs two optometrists and has an operating staff of 10 employees.”

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