Chicken and eggs have been on the minds recently of third-grade students in Patti Wheeling’s class at West Side Elementary School.

After seeing chicks hatch from eggs earlier this week, students were busy building Easter egg trees Wednesday and Thursday.

“We’ve been learning a lot about chickens,” Wheeling said. “It’s been a lot of fun these three weeks – learning about chickens, eggs and embryos.”

Julie Lander donated the eggs for the class. “She’s an excellent resource,” Wheeling said. “They will return the chicks to her so they have a good home.”

After experiencing the excitement of the hatching starting Monday, students were later busy decorating eggs for Easter.

“We can dye them by ourselves, but the glue gun we need help with,” Wheeling said of her class creating Easter egg trees.

So there to help Wednesday and Thursday were students from Sidney High School’s Jobs for Montana Graduates program.

Wheeling said her students are so enthused and really look forward to when high school students come to their classroom.

“It’s really fun to help the kids and see their excitement,” Sidney High School senior Ciara Parks said.

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