It was hunting season at Watertower Park in Sidney Saturday morning. Youngsters, up to the age of 12, were ready to find Easter eggs and the treats found in them.

This hunt has become as much of a tradition in Sidney as – well, hunting.

Rita Rehbein, chairman (regardless of if she wants to be called that or not) of the Sidney Moose Lodge and Chapter’s Easter egg hunt, believes the children’s event has been going on for more than 30 years.

“They started it years ago,” Rehbein said Saturday morning.

But the commitment from the Moose has become more and more as the years and the mad dashes for the eggs go by.

“We’ve increased prizes and eggs every year when we saw some kids weren’t getting any,” Rehbein said.

This year, the egg hunt featured 115 dozen eggs, which Moose members started to lay at Watertower Park at 9 a.m. for the 10 a.m. hunt.

Last Monday, meanwhile, the Moose had 10 members stuff the eggs during a three-hour shift.

Tootsie Rolls are included in each plastic egg. Some are marked as special prizes, which children turn in to receive stuffed animals.

“We buy everything,” Rehbein said. “It’s all through the Lodge and Chapter.”

She noted Watertower Park is the perfect location for the hunt because the three age groups can be divided into several diamonds. The event is held the Saturday prior to Easter weekend, because years ago the egg hunt had to be moved to the Moose Lodge due to bad weather. That didn’t turn out the best. “Never again,” Rehbein said. This way, the egg hunt can be switched to the following weekend if bad weather occurs.

She feels the community is thankful for the Moose putting on the children’s activity. “Or they wouldn’t come,” Rehbein said.

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