The moving of an elevator is a major job in the life of any moving contractor. But Bert Chase and Sons, a well-known moving company of Fairview, took on the job like this as they try to eliminate as much risk as possible. The moving contractors left Nohly early morning and shortly after dinner reached Dore where the tall structure was parked for the night. The structure was moved on 50 tires and with truck power and took approximately two days because of REA lines and other wire interference. The truck tires and supports had nearly twice the carry capacity needed for the 30,000-bushel elevator

In 1955 the Nohly elevator was placed on a concrete foundation adjacent to the Fairview Mill Co., in Fairview, 12 miles from its starting point.

The Nohly elevator was owned and operated by the Fairview Mill Co., and was a landmark for the Nohly community. The Fairview Mill Co., operated by Harry Frank of Minneapolis, had been planning for the move for several weeks by preparing the foundation and setting it up adjacent to the elevator already there. This new elevator will give them 34,000 bushels of extra storage, according to Wilbur Johnson, manager.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Information compiled from Fairview News.

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