Katie Herman, owner of "It's All Gravy," prepares fresh take out meals for dinner at the VFW.

For Katie Herman, an act of kindness for family members has turned into a career. Herman is the owner of It’s All Gravy, a food service business that provides take-home meals at dinner time.

Katie was working in a bar and felt she needed a change, primarily due to the hours she was working. “I was working from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. every night and I didn’t get to come home and cook very often. My grandparents were also getting older and they wanted me to cook for them, too, so the hours just weren’t working out for me very well,” said Katie.

Katie decided to do a little research and see how difficult it would be to start up a business. “You can’t legally work out of the kitchen at your house, so I needed a commercial location,” said Katie. She then asked the VFW if she could use their kitchen and they agreed to the proposal.

Once she got the nod from the VFW board Katie left her job at the bar and started cooking at the VFW. “This way I knew my grandparents were getting good meals because those warm-up freezer meals you get in the store are all full of sodium,” said Katie.

The change not only allowed her to help her family but also gave her better hours as well.

She got the name of her business the way many people do these days — on the internet. “I was throwing a lot of things out there and pretty much got on Google and looked up clever food names and It’s All Gravy came up. I slept on it for a couple of days and it’s the one that stuck,” said Katie.

She said the name also has a double-meaning. “Slang-wise, it means ‘it’s all good,’” said Katie.

Katie said she hopes that more people in this area who are in a similar situation would take advantage of her service. Along with serving the elderly community, Katie is also reaching out to the area’s temporary workers as well. “I am putting the menus in hotels, too. Those guys are not getting home-cooked meals and they end up going to the same burger joint and getting the same burger every night and it gets old.”

Not only does her business offer an alternative for home-cooked meals, Katie delivers as well. She currently delivers in the immediate Sidney area as well as Fairview. She will also deliver to those who are between Sidney and Fairview as well.

Those who would prefer to swing by and pick up their meal on the way home are also welcome to do that as well.

Many of her recipes come from online searches. “Pinterest is my lifesaver,” said Katie. She also uses a few recipes from her cookbooks. She occasionally gets suggestions for meals and will try to add them to the menu as long as they’re not too complicated.

To date, the shrimp boil has been her most popular meal. “I had 91 meals ordered and had both stock pots completely full so I had to cut it off at that point.” said Katie. Her Thanksgiving meal in 2020 had 86 orders, mainly from oil field workers. “I’m going to offer that again this year and I’m also going to add a Christmas meal and see how that goes,” said Herman.

Katie is also venturing into the world of catering. She did’t plan to offer any catering but she was asked to do an event for 30-40 people and felt she could handle that. She was asked to do more events and has now catered for 100 people. “I also have a couple of people I’m working with for about 200 people,” said Katie.

She’s not sure where this venture will lead, but Katie is happy she made the change and when asked how things are going, can proudly say, “It’s All Gravy!”

You can find It’s All Gravy’s menus can be found on her Facebook page at and you can place an order by calling 406-480-9194.

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