The world of fashion is continuing to grow and expand, not only in adult fashion but in children’s fashion. This led boutique owner, Jordan Melby, to her inspiration behind Huckleberry Children’s Boutique. This boutique specializes in a wide range of clothing, toys, bath products, accessories and so much more.

Huckleberry Children’s Boutique has a fun and playful name to add to the community’s businesses. The idea behind the business name was to stay with Melby’s Montana roots. Jordan is from Great Falls and huckleberries are quite a popular treat in Montana. When she was searching for possible names for her business, she had the idea of Huckleberry Children’s Boutique. She was drawn to the name because it describes Montana while still having a fun, playful name perfect for a children’s boutique.

“During my pregnancy and after I had my son, I struggled to find children’s clothing in Sidney” says Melby. The idea hit her when she realized other parent’s may be struggling to find clothing for their kids unless they were shopping online. Jordan spoke of her struggle to find children’s clothing, “It is hard to buy everything online when you want to support small businesses in our community.”

The mother of one also owns her own photography business and was able to find a studio that was a dream come true. She had the idea to open the children’s boutique inside the studio area and run her two businesses side by side.

Falling back to her motherhood roots, Melby knows that it can become difficult to shop with young ones. “I have a little room over by a window where I am going to have books and some toys for children to play with while mom or dad shops,” said Jordan. Having a play area for children allows for a safe and comfortable shopping experience and she wants to eliminate extra stress for her shoppers.

“Currently I have sizes up to 2T but I hope to be able to expand and grow to get more sizes in for children” says the boutique owner. Her goal is to provide comfortable clothing that remains durable yet fashionable.

Another key point with opening the boutique for Melby was the idea of affordability. “I really wanted to offer community members a place to shop for children’s clothing while being as affordable as possible” says the boutique owner.

The grand opening for the boutique is Saturday, July 31 but shoppers can find Melby at the sidewalk sales later this fall.

Huckleberry Children’s Boutique is located at 141 7th St. SW in the Peifer’s Corner Building. Also, be sure to stay up to date with the boutique items by following Huckleberry Children’s Boutique on Facebook.

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