As the title says, perseverance, passion and the desire to keep up. That’s what Sidney native Johren Carpenter is filled to the brim with.

Not many people make the decision to put others before themselves, especially after they’ve been dealt a pretty rough hand of their own in life, but for Johren Carpenter that’s exactly what she made her mind up to do — care for others. So much so that she is pursuing the field of medicine in Bozeman.

When asked what sparked the desire to be in the medical field, Johren said, “I have always had a passion for medicine. I started working as a CNA when I was 15 and knew right away I wanted to be in this line of work.”

Johren would regularly be found helping her Mom, who also worked in healthcare, in the office with paperwork and doing tasks for the hospital during these early stages of her medical career.

“After my Mom passed, I just knew the medical field was best suited for me. I had always wanted to grow up and be just like my Mom and serve the community that helped raise me.” said Carpenter.

Johren went from graduating as an undergrad in Seattle in June of this year straight into even more schooling.

Not only did Johren’s family, friends and peers notice the hard work and determination that emanates from her but a special medical education program also noticed. Carpenter was chosen along with 29 other qualified Montana students to be admitted to this special program.

The WWAMI gets its name from the supporting states — Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. Montana has partnered with MSU to offer this program for the last 50 years giving students in the Northwestern United States the opportunity to achieve a prestigious and economical medical education.

This being Montana’s only non-profit medical school, it’s a really big deal and a huge honor for one of our own to be a part of such an amazing program. Montana and the WWAMI play such a large and important role in educating, preparing and raising up the next generation of rural doctors. Not only do students have the opportunity to the best of UWSOM but are actually given access to clinical immersion opportunities across the state as well.

While Johren continues chasing her dreams she is playing a large part in her younger brother, George’s life, too.

The unthinkable happened when George was 15 and Johren was 17. After a terrible accident that kept George at the hospital for four months, he became a quadriplegic. Though he does a pretty darn good job living as normal a life as he can, Johren is still a big part of his life when it comes to caring for and about George.

Now that George has graduated high school and is chasing his own dreams going to school for wildlife biology and living on campus near his sister, Johren is proud that he is able to enjoy life like other young people his age. “He’s even currently sick and living on whatever is left in his dorm, and that happens to be pizza. Though it’s such a simple thought that most wouldn’t think twice about, it’s so good to see him get to live a normal college student lifestyle as much as he can.” Said Carpenter.

When Johren finds any free time from school work and interest groups she is a part of she claims to be a “little grandma” and loves embroidery, sewing and one of her most favorite things in the world is baking with her actual Grandmother who still resides here in Sidney. She also loves swimming whenever she can.

From her precious mothers heart to care for people imprinted on her own heart, to the role she has played in her brothers life as part-time caretaker, Johren has grown a great passion for being an outstretched hand to those underserved and with any form of special need. Even in college Johren made time for activities like coaching special olympics and tutoring underserved kids... it’s no wonder the WWAMI chose Johren Carpenter to partake in such a program. She proves herself on a daily basis working hard to love and care for those around her and continuing to pursue those big dreams with a heart filled with great passion for people and fierce perseverance.

Though she would deny herself being anyone so special, Johren is an encouragement and inspiration to so many. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the great feats this young woman has accomplished. Those who know her look forward to seeing the even greater things she has up her sleeve in the field of medicine and hopefully for the good of the Richland County region.

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