According to a press release, Dawson County Unified Health Command has announced that Friday, April 23 was the final clinic for the Moderna first-dose vaccinations. If individuals receive their first dose at this clinic, the second dose will be given on May 21.

The Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine will be available after the restrictions have been lifted.

“We have been trending downward on vaccinations in recent weeks and have considered moving into a new phase for our vaccination clinic,” stated Laureen Murphree, Health Department Director, “In order to be mindful of the number of vials we receive and distribute, we have decided to discontinue the mass COVID vaccine clinics. We are suggesting that you contact Albertson’s if you would like the Moderna vaccine after April 23.”

To schedule an appointment for a vaccine, please call the Dawson County Health Department at 377-5213.

The Richland County Health Department plans to continue to offer available vaccines that fit their capacity. The clinic anticipates providing Covid-19 immunizations along with all other immunizations for the foreseeable future.

According to Kathy Helmuth, RN, BSN, Health Assurance Nurse Director at the clinic, “The look and size of our Covid-19 clinics has changed and will continue to evolve as we move forward in this effort. We plan to continue providing our residents with the opportunity to be vaccinated in a timely manner, not only against Covid-19 but other vaccine preventable diseases as well.”

Helmuth also wants to remind people to update their own immunization status if they’ve been putting something off. This is especially true for parents who may have delayed getting their children immunized.

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