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The Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association have expressed their opposition to President Donald Trump's plans to increase trade tariffs on China, warning that "a trade war with China will deeply impact U.S. farmers, U.S. workers and U.S. consumers."

(Washington)--America’s soy growers are lined up even more precisely in the crosshairs of President Trump’s contentious tariff confrontation with China. President Trump announced Monday that $200 billion in additional Chinese goods will be hit with a 10 percent tariff, deepening the likely free fall in prices that producers of soy and soy products are feeling directly in their wallets and which threaten the stability of their market long-term.

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Hay storage losses vary greatly depending upon several factors, but storage technique is of utmost importance. Losses of dry hay stored inside a barn are usually of little concern. However, even for barn-stored hay, losses rise sharply as moisture levels increase above 20 percent, and losses from round bales stored outside under adverse conditions can be much larger.