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What does it say that in an unusual NFL offseason in which not one but two defensive linemen who will be at least mentioned in eventual Hall of Fame conversations, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, were available in free agency and the Chicago Bears ne…

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When Mike Furrey said recently that every single one of his current receivers can have long careers in the NFL, perhaps it was hyperbole. Can we blame the Bears WR coach who entered last offseason with perhaps the league’s worst group, paced by Kenda…

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MILWAUKEE — Ben Gamel’s pinch-hit double in the bottom of the ninth drove in Ryan Braun with the winning run and the Milwaukee Brewers beat the San Francisco Giants 5-4 on Saturday night at Miller Park.

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One of head coach Matt Nagy's major goals for 2019 is to improve his running game, and to do so he has switched Cody Whitehair from center to guard, James Daniels from guard to center, crossed all his fingers and toes in the hopes that Kyle Long can …

Changes included adding a logo to the sleeves and pants, a gold stripe and new neckline.

Nike assumes uniform contract and reduces the sleeve stripes from five to three.

New coach Gene Ronzani uses three varying uniform sets, including an all-green uniform.

New coach Vince Lombardi alters the uniforms to resemble what is seen today.

Enter the classic Lambeau-era uniform: navy jersey with large gold yoke, gold pants.

The first time green and gold appear in a Packers uniform — used for two years.

Worn for two years and were the inspiration for the alternate uniforms worn in the 2014 season.

Addition of yellow helmets for the first time — blue jerseys with no number on the front started in 1931.

Elaborate jerseys involving an inverted triangle and 13 blue and gold vertical stripes.

The thin navy stripes on the sleeves were replaced with a blue bar across the shoulders.

Gold jersey with nine thin navy stripes on each sleeve, gold leggings and pants.

Dark blue jerseys with ACME PACKERS in gold across the front. No numbers on the uniforms.

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PFW's fantasy football coverage is ramping up during the NFL's downtime, and after recently unveiling our first "ADP Alerts" of the summer, we're continuing our division-by-division look at the entire league, answering burning questions for all 32 te…

Today uniform changes are no longer as simple as checking fabric samples. The NFL's creative division, first started by then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle in the 1960s, helps teams design new looks in a process that can take up to five years. Tampa Bay had the biggest redesign, switching from white and creamsicle orange with a pirate in 1996 to a waving, tattered flag with pewter and red colors in 1997. The Bucs tweaked that again in March 2014.

Then there are perceived jinxes regarding uniforms. When Seattle lost to Chicago at home early in 2009, the Seahawks didn't wear the neon-green jerseys again, with then-coach Jim Mora having a simple answer: "We didn't win in them."

Teams are allowed two optional uniforms with choices of an alternate color, a throwback or the Color Rush featuring one color.

Helmets became mandatory in 1943, and Los Angeles Rams halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on his helmet in 1948.

Alphabetically, and not by order of sales, Dallas, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Seattle and New England are the NFL teams with the best-selling jerseys over the past five years. Competing for or winning championships certainly helps popularity. And some looks are simply built to last, making for an iconic look like the Oakland Raiders.