Eastern Montana is home to some of the nation’s hardest working farmers. All of their hard work puts food on the table for Montana families and creates jobs across the state.  

As a dirt farmer from north-central Montana, I know prices can always be higher, but those early mornings and late nights made for a decent year in the sugar industry.  In the coming year, I will work with you to build on that success by working with Sidney to ensure the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project can provide eastern Montana farmers with water for years to come, protecting the sugar program in the Farm Bill and fighting for trade deals that work for Montana.

Earlier this month, I sat down with community leaders and folks from the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project to receive an update on the Intake Diversion Project.  This project is vital to ensuring farmers have access to the water they need.

 I’ve traveled around the state hosting Farm Bill listening sessions and town hall meetings. In Glendive and in Sidney, I heard Congress needs to produce a Farm Bill that works for Montana’s number one industry: agriculture. When the East Coast states try and derail the sugar program in order to benefit multinational candy companies, I promise to fight back.  The sugar program works for Montana farmers and we need to continue to improve it in order for our state to thrive.  When the corn producing states try and pass off high fructose corn syrup as sugar, I will go the mat against the special interests to fight for Montana sugar.

 As the President looks to change NAFTA, I will be ready and willing to bring Montana’s priorities to the White House. We need to get fair trade deals that provide opportunity and prosperity to the Montana farmer and the Montana worker.  As all of these negotiations move forward, I want you to give me your feedback and questions. Washington could use some old-fashioned Montana common sense.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Jesse Anderson, my agriculture liaison, at 406-449-5401 with any concerns.

 Sugar beet growers work hard. I will honor that hard work by continuing to bring my Montana farmer’s perspective to the U.S. Senate. Be well, and stay in touch.


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