A birthday party is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 14, at Sadie’s restaurant in Sidney beginning at 1 p.m., for the long-time Sidney resident known as “Snoball.” Organizers from the Sidney Health Center Extended Care unit encourage anyone who wants to wish Snoball a happy birthday to stop by Sadie’s restaurant after 1 p.m.

Not a lot of information about Snoball is known, but he is considered a legend in Sidney and many people around town recognize the name when it’s brought up.

“No one knows the story of Snoball…at least not until he showed up in Sidney many, many years ago,” Extended Care Director of Engagement Kristen Radke said. “Where did he come from? No one really knows and Snoball has never really said.”

Loran Casey, a former stockyards employee who knew Snoball, provided the name given to him, Billie Davis, and the birthday of Nov. 14. According to Radke, Casey had to sign up Snoball for social security when he began his work at the stockyards and that’s where the name originated.

As for how old he is, that’s an uncertainty too.

“His birthdate says he will be 89, but we think he’s much older,” Radke said.

This upcoming birthday party will be a celebration of his life and a chance to document some of his memories.

“Snoball is getting older and Extended Care needs the people who knew him to help write his story,” Radke said. “We need to know his memories, so we can help him to remember when he can’t.”

While his memory may be fading, Radke believes this event will be one to remember for Snoball.

“Snoball is a gracious, humble, and quiet man,” she said. “It doesn’t take a lot to make him happy and he never complains. We know a chance to see his old friends again and have them share a memory, or a hello will bring him so much joy.”

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