Fairview City Council held their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16. Some members of the community attended the event in addition to the council members. Normally, the meeting schedule aligns with the second Monday of every month, but due to Columbus Day on Monday, Oct. 14, it was pushed back a couple days.

Council brought up a variety of topics on the night, but first on the agenda was water service connections, and the discussion of curb stops. Curb stops are water service shut-off valves in piping close by a curb between the water mainline and a building. They’re used specifically to start and stop water flow through the mainline. The curb stop up for debate would be on Sixth Street along the water main replacement project.

“I think we put the curb stop in; I don’t think we should go against city ordinances just because somebody’s feelings are hurt about their lawn,” council member Keith Bieber said.

Everyone seemed to agree on adding a curb stop there, but were unsure of how to go about it.

“I’m in favor of it, I’m just not sure it’s the council’s decision, to be honest,” council member Jason Elletson said.

Fortunately, since the meeting, it was agreed that installation could follow-through of the curb stop with a one-foot setback.

Dedications related to a 2016 zoning update involving Pominville Streets and Alleys were also accepted and approved on the evening. There was a section of the Pominville addition that back in 1953, the streets and alleys were unoccupied up until now. That, in turn, caused the streets and alleys to be divided in half and become apart of some properties. In total, 18 owners of property were affected. Among the recipients of the dedications included Luke and Michelle Weiss, Jennifer Lambert, Greg Wing, Wade Kiamas, and Larry Litzinger.

Fairview City Council will meet again Monday, Nov. 11, at 7 p.m.

In other news

The council is looking into new names for the Johnson Subdivision Park and asking around the community for suggestions.

Datamax is an information source used by Fairview law enforcement to run license plates and driver licenses. The council elected to renew the service effective Nov. 1 for the time being.

Council is considering moving the meetings to the second Wednesday of every month in the near future.

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