Sidney City Council met Monday, Dec. 2, for the first regular meeting of the month. Here are the highlights from the discussion.

1 Kali Godfrey was announced as the single applicant to replace Alderman Dan Smith at the end of his City Council term this month. Council will vote to approve Godfrey at the next meeting on Dec. 16.

2 Water and Sewer Committee recommended the approval of the Morrison Maierle scope of work and cost estimate for the city’s storm water study, estimated total cost of $154,949 over seven phases. The city has already secured a grant for $15,000 to help pay for the study and is looking at another grant in the same amount. There is $60,000 budgeted for the project this fiscal year, but the seven phases will span over two fiscal years and proper funds will be allocated in the future. The storm water project will alleviate the flooding issues in town.

3 Mayor Rick Norby and Public Works Director Jeff Hintz proposed new solar-powered street lights for Peterson Park, located next to the old Reynolds/south Shopko parking lot. The city and police department have been engaged in an ongoing effort to deter people from hanging out at the location and more lighting will help deter youth from loitering there. City Council approved the motion, which specified the solar lights will be $1,000 each with installation.

4 Chief of Police Frank DiFonzo reported five body armor vests were purchased using two grants. The department received a $2,800 grant from Mason Moore Foundation and a $3,000 grant from the Department of Justice, which covered the cost of the vests.

5 DiFonzo proposed an addition to the city’s nuisance ordinance, which addressed idling of diesel-powered vehicles and stated, “No person or property owner shall cause or allow the idling of any vehicle whose primary means of internal combustion is by the use of diesel fuel; to be parked upon any street or public way of the city or upon private property which is adjacent to any residence or within 500 feet of any area which is zoned for residential use, for a period of 30 minutes total between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Emergency situations shall require notification and approval by the appropriate local law enforcement agency.” City attorney Thomas Kalil will review the proposed text and draft an addition to the nuisance ordinance to be reviewed at the Dec. 16 meeting.

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