A $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill is poised for passage today, with the House taking up the Senate-approved legislation Wednesday and President Joe Biden signaling he will sign the bill into law immediately.

That will speed what is the largest check yet when it comes to one-time COVID-19 stimulus money to eligible Americans’ bank accounts as soon as Wednesday, March 17.

The checks are $1,400 for individuals making $75,000 or below, heads of household making $112,500 and below, and couples filing jointly who make $150,000 or less.

Any dependents also get a check for the same amount as adults.

They phase out quickly above those thresholds. An individual making $80,000 or more does not get a check, which means many people who got stimulus checks the last two times may not get them this time.

Individuals who used direct deposit for refunds in 2019 will be in line to get the checks first. Those who didn’t choose direct deposit last year can still move themselves ahead in line and get their checks sooner, by simply filing their 2020 income taxes now and choosing direct deposit for any tax refunds.

Other things you can do to ensure prompt delivery include checking your mailing address and other details to ensure they are all correct. This would be particularly important if you have recently moved.

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