Austin Egbert

Austin Bryce Egbert appeared in Richland County District Court Monday, Aug. 12, in front of Judge Katherine Bidegaray for an initial appearance on a petition for revocation due to violations of conditions of his sentence in 2017. In 2017, Egbert was sentenced for two felony counts of assault on a minor, which were amended from the original charges of sexual assault.

In total, the state alleged seven violations of the conditions set in 2017. The first count stated Egbert failed to complete a sex offender program and was terminated from the program before completion.

The second count stated Egbert failed to refrain from the use of pornography and having pornography in his possession and in fact had pornography in his possession via a smartphone.

Count three stated Egbert violated the condition preventing him from owning or possessing technology that offers internet access unless approved by his probation officer.

Egbert was accused by the state in count four of owning, possessing or utilizing a cell phone with digital photographic capability without approval of his probation officer.

The fifth count stated Egbert violated the condition on accessing or having in his possession materials that describe or depict human nudity, the exploitation of children, consensual sexual acts, nonconsensual sexual acts or sexual acts involving force or violence. The state alleged Egbert had nude photos on his phone of himself and a female and was a member of several pornographic websites.

In count six, Egbert was accused of using or possessing a computer or other device with access to online services.

Count seven stated Egbert consumed alcohol on several occasions.

The defendant denied all the allegations presented against him, with his attorney joining the hearing via phone. A judicatory hearing is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 23, at 9:30 a.m. Egbert is currently in the custody of the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.

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