Fairview City Council

Councilpersons discuss a variety of topics at the monthly Fairview City Council meeting on Wednesday night, Feb. 12 at Fairview City Hall.

During Fairview’s City Council meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 12, a lot was discussed, but none more so than the monthly Interstate Engineering updates going on around Fairview.

The first update was on the phase 1 water project.

“That’s the stuff that got installed last year,” civil engineer Ryan Kopp said. “Once the weather warms up, they will be back to clean up and pave. We will do any extra paving. Any bad areas going down streets will cut out and fix those up the right way as we’re going through.”

Other updates that were included were on the Ellery Avenue water project and Western Avenue.

“The state is coming in and they’re going to redo all of Ellery — storm sewers, the paving, the whole nine yards,” Kopp said. “Part of that project that the state is paying for is replacing the water main all the way down Ellery. We’re upgrading it to an eight-inch PBC all the way down, which will tie into our Phase 1 project, which will bring eight-inch water all the way down from the tank to the southwest corner of town.”

Fairview Mayor Brian Bieber said he believed signing the task order relating to the Ellery Avenue water project was in the best interest of the town.

“Once they get done with Ellery project, they’re going to cement the whole thing,” he said. “We want a quality water line project underneath that cement. I think it’s in our best interest.”

Councilperson Brian Renville agreed but aired on the side of caution.

“We’re spending money to do something that we generally don’t have to spend money to do,” Renville said. “So we have to have a reason to say there’s a good enough risk for us to spend money that we don’t generally have to spend.”

Kopp continued with an update on the Western Avenue project.

“We’re replacing basically from across Powder Keg to Seventh,” he said. “We’re digging it all out. It’s about a $700,000 project. The town is paying for $20,000 of it and we’re working on the design right now. Construction will begin once school is out.”

Bieber acknowledged the town is going to be fairly busy during the summer with all the construction but understands that the result of all of the construction around town will be worth it in the end.

In Other News

• The city council is looking for three residents to serve on the police commission. That person can be on the council; it is a separate commission. Some of the duties consist of reviewing applicants and reviewing disciplinary action or investigation. The police commission would also investigate issues.

• The ambulance facility, originally estimated to cost $507,000, has now been shaved down to around $350,000. Originally planned for a 2020 project, Bieber now believes it will be a spring 2021 project.

• The Town Council is still looking for someone to fill the planning board position. The council only needs one person, who was supposed to be appointed in January. It is required that that person attends the mandatory quarterly meetings.

“We’re one short right now and we have to get somebody in there,” said Faye Carlson, clerk/treasurer.”

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