Fairview City Council has two vacancies it’s looking to fill after members Alan Omoth and Jason Elletson attended their final meeting in December before the New Year, after completing their terms.

“I will miss Alan’s level way of looking at things, his building knowledge and his way of calmly looking at all sides of an issue to help find a problem and solving ideas,” Fairview clerk/treasurer Faye Carlson said. “For Jason, we will miss his tremendous knowledge of the water and sewer infrastructure. He was able to see and understand things with these systems as well as help educate some of the newer members of the council.”

The vacancies now available are for two four-year term positions.

“A councilperson is someone holding a position with a municipality that is ordinarily filed by election,” Carlson said. “A councilperson is one of six members of the town council (doesn’t include the mayor). The Town Council is responsible for legislation and the policy side of running the city. The council works together for future or improvement of infrastructure, planning, building and growth within the town.”

A few requirements must be met to qualify for the positions.

“To qualify, you must be a citizen of the U.S., must be live within the city limits (within Montana) and must be a resident for at least 60 days,” Carlson said.

Originally, there were three vacancies available, but councilmember Brian Renville has elected to stay on the council and finish out the last two years of former councilmember, now Mayor Brian Bieber’s term.

“In January 2018, he was appointed to fulfill the rest of Mayor Bieber’s council position term that expired on Dec. 31, 2019. Brian Bieber was a councilperson, then ran for mayor in the middle of his term,” Carlson said. “When he won the election and became mayor, his council seat became vacant. The council held a special meeting in January 2018 to interview interested candidates. The council voted on Brian Renville.”

Carlson is looking to begin interviews fairly soon.

“A vacancy in an elected municipal office must be filled by majority vote of the council within 30 days of the occurrence the vacancy,” she said. “The vacancies started Jan. 1, 2020, so we need to have candidates interview before the end of the month.”

For more information, interested candidates can contact Fairview City Hall at 406-742-5616, or write a letter of interest directed to the Fairview Town Council that can be mailed to the Town of Fairview’s P.O. Box at 426 Fairview, Montana, 59221. They can also send an email to townoffairview@midrivers.com or hand-deliver the letter to city hall, located at 318 S. Central Ave. in Fairview.

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